Hear From Our Customers!



We own a Malinois that has always had coarse fur, we never minded it because it was just her breed type. She also always had the most sensitive stomach with every food that we tried! We decided to try a different route strictly for her stomach problems, so we started her on the Pawsitive oils and wow! Her stomach became so much stronger within a few weeks of adding the oils to her food. On top of these oils solving our main problem we found so many other benefits! Her fur is now as soft as it was when she was a puppy we can’t stop petting her, her shedding has also slowed down so much, we went from brushing her every day to maximum once a week! On top of her soft fur and sensitive stomach being fixed she has much healthier paw pads. During dry spells her feet always crack to the point of bleeding sometimes and now they are so strong with zero cracking so far! Thank you so much for creating this blend and letting the public in on these wonderful healing oils.



My hairless cat suffered from dry and itchy skin. I’ve seen a remarkable improvement since I started adding the Pawsitive oil to her diet. 



We’ve been adding Pawsitive Essential fatty acids to our dogs’ food for over two months now. They love the taste and we love the changes that we’ve seen. They’re coats are the softest that they’ve ever been and the shedding has decreased dramatically.



I have a dog that suffered chronic cracked pads which made walking difficult. She was obese from lack of exercise. Our vet recommended this unique blend of oils. Within a month of adding the Pawsitive oil she was healed and she is back to her trimmed size. I highly recommend it! 

Jamie & Toto

I have two older dogs, a Cockapoo and a Schipperke. Both dogs have had back problems that makes it a little difficult for them to around from time to time. So I decided to give Pawsitive Essential Oils a try. Within a few days I was glad that I did as I could see a big improvement in their mobility and their coats took on a new luster. I added the oil to their dry food and they both love the taste of the product! 

Both of my dogs and I give Pawsitive Essential Oils a five star rating and you can bet that I will continue feeding it to them!